Acro Feeder


The challenge was to design a bird feeder specifically for the Black capped Chickadee, while keeping the bird and the user in mind.


Black capped-chickadees are defined by their astounding acrobatic agility. The Acro feeder was built with this characteristic in mind, and goes above and beyond what the traditional tube feeders can do. The unique angular tubes allow the chickadee to employ their agility in order to access the three-tiered food compartments. These segments afford easy access to black sunflower seeds, peanuts and nyger, all chickadee favourites. Each tube features six perches and six food openings, and easy-snap fit connectors allow for easy refills. Acro can be hooked onto any tree branch or feeder stands.


Research was conducted to learn more about the Black-capped Chickadee, and identify key factors that can be portrayed in the design of the bird feeder.


Following the initial research on the Black-capped Chickadee, I decided to take some time to identify some design criteria’s for myself to follow so I can lead my design in a certain direction. What inspired me was that the Black-capped Chickadee was a very energetic and acrobatic bird, so I thought I was use that and implement that element into my design. I looked at a lot of metaphors and inspiration behind acrobatics to lead me into the concept phase. Looking at the current market offering, it seemed that a majority of the tube feeders were very traditional and didn’t offer much to the user or the bird.


Following the research phase, I decided to do some exploring via sketching and do some renderings to visualize the direction I wanted to head with my bird feeder design. My goal was to make a feeder that would be challenging to the Black-capped Chickadee, therefore resulting in various and unusual locations for the perch and the opening for the food.


•Angular perches allow Chickadees to be in unique positions, while retrieving food

•Offers 3 different types of tubes to allow peanuts, nyger and black sun flower seeds

•Easy-snap fit to remove compartments

•Simple to refill and snap together

•Comes in various colors