My trip to India +Doha

Hey everyone, during the month of January I traveled to India and Doha. My mom grew up in Mumbai and she hadn't been back in decades. It was also my dad's first time in India, as his ancestors were originally from there. He was born in the Congo and later lived in Nairobi until migrating to Canada in the 70s. My twin sister and I hadn't visited India since we were 5 so this was a long overdue family trip. I traveled to 7 different cities in northern India and made this video to document my adventures. Enjoy!


It's never too late to start blogging!

Hey World,

Seems like you somehow landed on this page. WELCOME! 

In general I'm a super curious and creative individual who love's to explore and question the world around me. I will be blogging about my travel experiences, my love for design, technology, sports and life in general. Enjoy.