California Innovation / Arctic Zone Internship


I had the opportunity to intern at California Innovations/Arctic Zone during the summer of 2009. I had experiences within the soft good and hard goods side of product design. California Innovations is a leader for soft good lunch bags and cooler designs.

I worked under the direct supervision of a project manager, having the opportunity of designing several soft good and hard good products. Assisted and worked on products designed and developed for Arctic Zone, California Innovations, Wal-mart, Target, Rachael Ray, and Columbia.

Tiger Lunch/Snack Pack:

The Tiger sandwich packs were designed for Arctic Zone and were created to encourage parents to use these washable sandwich/snack pouches rather than using disposable sandwich bags. Other concepts that were purposed were a Kangaroo and a Panda Bear design.

Cooltech Lunch Bags:

These lunch bags were designed for California Innovations lower priced category. The challenge was to create a fresh looking design, without spending too much on production and manufacturing costs.

These lunch bags were sold during the back to school season of 2010 at Walmart, Walgreens and other American and Canadian retail stores.

Various Products:

The following projects were worked on during my time at California Innovations. I worked on a steel water bottle designs for Rachael Ray, Columbia and California Innovations and various concepts for major retailers, such as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Arctic Zone, Rachael Ray and Columbia.

I also worked on and did concepts for California Innovations tailgating line called Game Day, which are specific coolers designed for individuals involved in tailgating parties prior to football games.