The D.R. Toilet - Disaster Relief Toilet System is a flat pack toilet system designed to aid individuals following a natural disaster. This product consists of a flat pack toilet, cart, biodegradable bags and a tent system that can easily be shipped and assembled by aid organizations.

As disasters occur around the world, toilet facilities often tend to be scarce as a direct result of the disaster, and this lack of facilities cause individuals in affected populations to discard their feces in local lakes, contaminating the water. Drinking water is then retrieved from the same lake, causing many illnesses such as cholera. Most people struggle to find an ideal location for human waste that will not result in the proliferation of illnesses and diseases.


On February 27, 2010 Chile was hit with a devastating earthquake, measuring at 8.8 magnitude. Over 700 individuals died across Chile, and many were left homeless. In Lota many homes were instantly destroyed, which forced 10,000 into temporary housing.

On October 23, 2010 six Carleton University students and one facility member embarked on a journey to Lota, Chile along with 10 students and a few facility members from the Institute without Boundaries. We also collaborated with 17 design students from DUOC University located in Concepcion, Chile. The goal was for the schools to collaborate and help each other with the different projects which both institutes had to accomplish.


•Spark Concept Award Finalist - 2012

•Top 10 in Canada in the James Dyson Award - 2011

•OCE - Ontario Centres for Excellence - Student Video Award ($1500)

•Runner Up: Carleton University Nicol Challenge ($1500)