Fästa Arrangör


Most individuals that have laptops must remove their charging unit everyday, which can get very frustrating when it gets tangled with all of your other wires.

What if there was a way to organize these cables, so daily retrieval can be a lot easier.


The Fästa Arrangör is an innovative design solution for everyday desktop wire clutter. Created from brushed aluminium, this 4.5 inch wide organizer clamps to the back of a users desk and can securely accommodate desks of up to 2-inches in thickness. The horizontal opening allows for quick removal of individual cables for daily activities. The smooth curves and glossy aluminium finish of the Fästa Arrangör lend a modern aesthetic to any environment. 

Market Research/Concepts:

Market research was conducted to learn about current wire management solutions. There are many solutions in the market for cord management however, not too many exist that allow users to easily remove cables from there desk.

Various sketches,concepts and models were created to explore various possibilities. Various materials were also explored and tested in order to choose the ideal material for this product.

Use Cycle:

The organizer can be adjusted to multiple heights, using a simple mechanism. The cords follow straight through the open area.

The screws are in-tact with surface protectors to enable optimal use on desks/tables made of different types of materials.

1.The user must place the organizer in between the desk/table.

2.The user must now turn the screw in order to lock the organizer to the desk/table.

3.The user must now turn the wing-nuts in order to lock the screws in place.