Duracell - Powermat


Powermat has been around for many years however they have had a hard time in the commercial market to get individuals to adopt to this technology.


Powermat previously had more of a technical approach which had a difficult time for the product to resonate with consumers.

The goal was to create a system that is simple for individuals to understand.

Powermat’s previous designs replicated Apple’s design language. The goal is for powermat to establish it’s own iconic design identity.


Our approach was to turn Powermat into a simple system that can be intuitive, simple and can work in any combination.


The final solution was released on May, 2013. The new design language is ownable, iconic and stands out from other cellphone accessories.

In July 2013, Starbucks annouced that it will initially start bringing wireless charging at several locations around Silicon Valley.

[Engadget Article - Startbucks and Powermat brings wireless charging to select Silicon Valley Shops][1]