As technology rapidly changes, and new electronic products are constantly entering the market, this results in a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste from around the world.

Technology waste is a huge problem that is now becoming a worldwide issue.

Can computer systems/laptops be designed so they are more sustainable and you are less likely to replace it every few years?


ModLap is a sustainable laptop which features a dual screen, and a touchscreen tablet that allows the user to instantly upgrade their hardware without having to purchase a new computer year after year.

ModLap features five modifiable slots for hardware that are most common to upgrade yearly; memory, hard drive, graphics card, processor and the battery. ModLap allows the user to simply pop out their existing hardware and replace it with a newer and instantly upgrade, without having to buy a new laptop.


ModLap features dual screens. The front of the laptop has a 13” OLED wide screen and the back has an OLED touch screen. This dual screen combo makes giving business presentations simple, by reading notes on the front and having the presentation on the front screen. This is also ideal for parents who want to keep their kids entertained by them working and having a movie on the alternate screen.

ModLap features a dual screens the back has an OLED touch screen, which turns this laptop into a fully functioning tablet. This device allows users to watch movies, surf the web or use touch applications for hours upon hours of fun and entertainment.

As technology advances Modlap allows individuals to simply turn in their old hardware and have it replaced with no extra operational costs. The existing hardware is then sold to other customers. This system stops E-waste from polluting our landfills and eliminates toxic electronic waste. The user can simply replace any hardware of these choosing when needing a specific requirement for future software.


•Top Finalist for the 2011 Fujitsu Competition - Fujitsu lifebook Category