“In the past two decades, on average more than 200 million people have been affected every year by disasters.

Shipping containers are sent out to disaster sights, however the containers are usually just left there. What if there was a way to utilize these shipping containers?


Nautilus is a portable, holistic health care solution, created from a shipping container. It enables a community to recover from the physical and emotional pain caused by a disaster. Nautilus has two main purposes: Physical Healing and Emotional Healing.

Physical healing is needed to undue the damages caused by the disaster itself.
Nautilus contains a multifaceted medical clinic to deliver emergency & outpatient care.

Emotional healing is needed to address the trauma and devastation encountered by those affected by a disaster. Nautilus offers a communal space for support, counselling, education and worship.


Disasters causes losses that exceed the community’s ability to cope without help. It is a situation in which the community’s means to sustain life with dignity have failed, requiring external assistance to overcome.

This project was taken on as a design Charrette between Carleton University and IWB ( Institute without Boundaries) George Brown College in Toronto. The purpose of this project was to focus on the health and wellness aspects of a community and utilize a shipping containers, as shipping containers are not used to their full potential after being dropped at a disaster sight.


Nautilus on site: The tent on the left focuses on emotional healing and the tent on the right is for physical healing.

Nautilus features all basic human needs to aid individuals recovering after a natural disaster.

Emotional Healing: Features an area for individuals to meet and participate in daily activities and emotionally recover from a disaster. Also an area to teach locals on first aid. The wall of hope features an area for individuals to post pictures of missing loved ones.

Physical Healing: Is an area for individuals to recover after a natural disaster, and features a bed and basic hospital equipment. Also an area for a medical physician to reside.