Step-Up Shelf


In most homes, the entrance and the stairs are usually within the same vicinity. Daily articles are collected on stairs, between the railings and on the floor. Typical items are wallets, mp3 players, cell phones, envelopes, keys and various other items. This creates an unnecessary clutter to one’s entrance way or stairwell.


Entrance way clutter is history. Introducing Step-Up: a distinctive organizer that eliminates clutter in a contemporary functional package. This multi-tiered shelving system keeps everyday objects like keys, wallets, and mobile phones readily accessible in a stylish hub.

Created from black/brown stained Oak, the shelf is a metaphor of the stairway it self. The subtle letter holder floats below the system in brushed aluminium, and is a perfect space to store outgoing/incoming mail. The deep, rich tones of the oak provide a visually appealing contrast with the gleam of the aluminium tray. Step-Up is ideally juxtaposed with the stairs or entrance way, and lends a modern aesthetic to any area where everyday items are frequently scattered. The organizer can easily mount to any wall with two screws, spans 20” in width and can be accommodated to complement any environment. Recognition: •Participated in the Umbra “Build a Better” design competition


These were some early concepts that were developed following the research stage. A lot of time was spent exploring different types of wood: Oak, Bass, Maple. As well as selecting the perfect stain to paint this product. The final model was stained by the colour chocolate. Size of the shelf was also considered to accommodate library books or DVDs which can be placed on the shelf as a reminder to return them.