Story Jar


This project was my teams thesis venture DMBA project. We had four months to launch a business using creativity, design thinking and business methodologies. In that short time we were able to launch this app into the Apple App store and recieved over 500 downloads within the first few weeks. We were accepted into the Mix & Stir incubator during the summer of 2013.

What is Story Jar?

“Let’s say you want to do something special for your best friend’s birthday. You would download the Story Jar App, choose the birthday jar as the occasion and select start a 'Story Jar'. You would then be prompted to invite all of your friend's mutual friends or family to capture a memorable audio story about them. Therefore on the day of your friend’s birthday he/she would receive a link to all the stories recorded for her by her loved ones."

The app has prompts built into it that help the storyteller get their story across succinctly. The “Tip Jar”, for example, guides in the kind of story you want to tell – be it a travel story, a school story or a growing up story.