Super Scription


This project was my first DMBA full term group project which lasted 5 months and was part of the Innovation Studio class.

The challenge was for teams to come up with innovative solutions regarding ways to reconnect people with print media.


As helpful and useful iPad’s and other tablets are, unfortunately these products are putting a huge damper on magazine and other print media sales.

Problem Statement:

While conducting needs finding, surveys and interviews we discovered that individuals had 2 main concerns about magazines and as well there were only 2 solutions on how individuals can get magazines.

This made our group question if there were any other possibilities that we could create.


1.A way for individuals to subscribe to magazines however have options to select different magazines each month.

2.A collectible magazine marketplace is a natural extension of our system to create and capture value.

•A platform specialized for magazines •A centralized collection of various magazines

Take a look at our website.

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Use Cycle:

Superscription is very easy to use: 1. You order your magazine on your computer or smart phone.

  1. You will receive it in the mail in a few days.

3.You have the option to keep the magazine or if you choose to return it you will receive a credit on your account.


This was the final prototype of our “Superlope” which is our nifty envelope that is created so it’s easy for the user to keep their magazine and also send it back to us if they choose to.

Business Model Innovation:

A business model canvas was created to illustrate how our business would function and how we would capture value.