Classrooms come in various sizes and traditional classroom desks have been the same for decades. Traditional desks lack the ability to be rearranged in different configurations.

Is there a way to redesign a classroom workstation to meet the needs to create various configurations?


Trimodulo, is a self-contained environmentally responsive classroom workstation module, which is designed to meet the needs of any sized classroom. The design enforces instant reconfigures depending on the classroom activity and designed to promote collaboration among students.


•Flexible, space saving design that adapts to any classroom size •Modular design, providing flexibility to customizing classroom layouts •Custom configuration encourage both independent and group interaction •Sealed with water-based coating to enable easy cleaning and maintaining •Texture grip added on the swing table for easy usage.


•First Place in the Canadian National High school Design Competition - 2004 •Featured in an article in the National Post (Toronto) - June 12, 2004.