The innovation which is UVSP uses the power of UV light, which has been proven to eliminate bacteria and odour within the user’s shoe. Once the pack is opened, the user pulls out the UV hubs, and slips them inside the openings of both shoes. The shoes are then positioned inside the bag.

The action of zipping the bag closed completes the contact point as soon as the metal zipper reaches the end of the zipper, a safety precaution which protects the user from the dangers of UV light on human eyes. A final contact point on the zipper tag triggers the lighting of a small LED, indicating to the user that UVSP is powered on. The innovative feature of this product is taking the proven UVC technology and incorporating it into a portable athletic bag. Their are 2 rechargeable batteries in the front of the pack that power UVSP.


I began conducting surveys and interviews with a majority of varsity athletes at my university. These atheletes expressed concerns with the hygiene and the smell of their footwear after extended periods of physical activity.

Many of these athletes had recurring issues with athlete’s foot and foot fungi. Without a clear solution, athletes resorted to aerosol sprays and powders, which merely masked the problem temporarily. Others left their footwear in lockers or gym bags to dry, allowing bacteria and odour to further develop and linger on.


Video 1: I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Discovery Channel’s flagship science program, Daily Planet with host Jay Ingram.

Video 2: This is a promo video that was created for UVSP - Ultraviolet Sports Pack for my submission to the James Dyson award.